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Concord, Ohio. Route 44 & 90

Boxing at Grassroots will teach you the fundamentals and the craft of boxing. This club takes a grassroots-level approach to the sport by teaching from the ground-up... giving you a solid boxing foundation. This club is an all-inclusive space, for everyone, at any skill level, or fitness background.

Boxing Levels
Listed here are the different levels of boxing you can join in on at Grassroots.
Level 1: workouts for the individual wanting to get in shape using boxing drills and techniques. These are non-contact boxing sessions to get you in-shape.
Level 2: for the individual looking to train and become an amateur boxer. Learn, practice, and drill on everything you will need to enter the ring.
Level 3: more advanced and only for current/previous USA Boxing amateurs. You must have sparring or competition experience for this group.

Reviews & Recommendations
--From: Meredith.. February 25, 2019 on Facebook
"I have been wanting to try boxing for years but wasn't sure about the group classes that you see around. I really wanted to learn more about the sport, proper technique, etc. I absolutely love training with Adam. He is a great coach - positive & encouraging. If you want to learn the sport - not just hitting a bag, then this is the place for you. I love every second of my time at Grassroots Boxing Club and look forward to every training session. Its an amazing workout for body, mind and soul. Highly recommend. FIVE stars!"

--From: Matt.. March 11, 2019 on Facebook
"Just got done with my first class! Already set my second class up. Really enjoyed the teaching and the workout at the same time. If I can do this, anyone can! Would highly recommend!"

--From: Cindy.. March 24, 2019 on Facebook
"I went to my first boxing class w adam and I didn't know what to expect. I found out I love it and goin for 2nd one tomorrow. Adam is positive and energetic and laughs so easy lol. I can't wait to get healthier and learn more about the sport."

--From: Lynda.. April 3, 2019 on Facebook
"Love every minute! Fastest and best hour of my day! Adam is a great coach and easy to work with!"

--From: Jackie.. February 9, 2019 on Facebook
"Awesome one-on-one training, learning fundamentals and technique!"

The Grassroots Boxing Club will give you conditioning, stamina, explosion, hand-speed, as well as teach you footwork, balance, range, accuracy and more. You'll gain the tools you need and build mental toughness along the way.

Our approach is all grassroots... starting at the ground-floor in order to master the art, science, and craft, of boxing.

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Grassroots Boxing Club