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Become an amateur boxer

This grouping is setup specifically for individuals looking to become registered USA Boxing amateur boxers. You will learn the fundamentals and practice the techniques of boxing. You will condition like a boxer, as well as drill like one.

You don't need any prior boxing experience. At Grassroots, you will be taught the sport from the ground-floor. As you learn, more technical skills will be shown. Then, when the coach believes you are ready, you can start light sparring to get a taste of what boxing truly is. But never before you're ready.

Each amateur learns at a different pace. You will never be rushed, or expected to master certain skills in a specific time-frame. You will learn the sport of boxing in a proper and safe manner. And when you are ready.. let the fun begin.

Classifications and age ranges for amateur boxers are as follows:
Age 8-14: Prep Boxers
Age 15-16: Junior Boxers
Age 17-18: Youth Boxers
Age 19-40: Elite & Senior Boxers
Age 40up: Masters Boxers

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